I thought I understood what that meant, but in the early hours of this morning, I realized that statement in a totally different way. [VIDEO] Today in Medjugorje www.MaryTv.tv. he visited London for a week or two each year and we became friends. I couldn’t belief it! My friend said that she has survived what her sisters didn't. Mark Goring and his special prayer. Everything in our lives can become the ordained will of God when we just surrender “thy will be done.” And, praying with. She asked me a question and I answered honestly (with regard to a particular sin which I was holding on to) and Mirjana told me she would pray for me. Minęło 10 lat kiedy po raz pierwszy byłam w Medjugorje.To tu,przed 10 cioma laty zostałam uwolniona od ciężkiego grzechu-masturbacji.Od samego dzieciństwa tkwiłam w tym bagnie,które wraz z wiekiem było coraz większe.To Maryja uprosiła m iłaske uwolnienia.To w Medjugorje odbyłam pierwszą spowiedź życia.Nie potrafie wyrazić tych wszystkich łask i dziwnych zdarzeń które towarzyszyły mi podczas każdej pielgrzymki do tego świętego miejsca.Byłam 4 razy,lecz myślami jestem tam każdego prawie dnia.Tęsknię do Medjugorje,To dzięki temu miejscu,dzieki Maryi która nie opuszcza nas zrozumiałam prawdziwą wiarę i miłość Jezusa i Maryi.Wszyscy którzy mają możliwość powinni pojechać do tego cudownego miejsca na spotkanie z Maryją.Chociaż jej nie zobacza fizycznie to Ona i tak jest z nami wszystkimi w tym cudownym miejscu.Kocham Cie Maryjo.Mateńko proszę zaproś do siebie nasze dzieci .Nie opuszczaj ich Mateńko.Uproś łaske wolności dla zięcia i głęboką wiarę dla moich bliskich i naprawienie wszelkiego zła w ich życiu.Pozdrawiam Ciebie Matko.AVE MARYA-niech śpiewa cały świat. Today, April 17, 2019, she got a job offer with great benefits. And, especially to me! I asked my teenage daughter what she saw in the sky and she said she saw a cross! Here we will be able to go to Mass again from next Saturday, May 30 on, it is so wonderful. And thank you Mary, Mother of God, for your intercessions to all our prayers and requests. Our sweet Mother Mary has helped me and my family so many times in my 53 years that I want to tell her "thank you Mother" for your love and friendship. I have had the desire to come to Medjugorje since I was 13. My whole life is a fruit of Međjugorje..I met my husband there in 2010 and I received a beautiful prayer into my heart on the plane on the way home from Medjugorje to celebrate a ten year anniversary trip with the group pure in heart. One day when I was dropping my children off at their primary school, I happened to meet a man named Jose Camara who was visiting his daughter and grandchildren from Portugal. I arrived in town at 9:30 PM, put down my bags at the house where i had reserved a room, and found out about Adoration going on so i hurried to St. James. I put a prayer request in,(yesterday 9/15), for my sister who was so stressed and so worried about getting a ticket when she has no lisence after getting a DUI. The doctor was super excited because he didn't think it would ever open up again. From my childhood I was stuck in this swamp, which with age was getting bigger. I am a middle aged woman, my husband died 3 yrs.ago. I was there just. Mirjana’s January 2, 2O18 Message “Love is beginning to disappear on earth, and the way of salvation is not being found,”, Mirjana Saying Prayer on Microphone When Virgin Mary Suddenly Appears… “Faith is being extinguished9 in many souls.”. A lady came up to me and told me that I had given her a medal from Medjugorje a couple of years ag after one of my pilgrimages. A friend from work who had been to Medjugorje ten years earlier recommended, I take something of Johns with me and to just let go. Thanks Jesus and mother Mary for favours granted. Father Shamus suffered for a long time with a family illness which caused paralyses and blindness. Mladifest.com. I pray that these books and Jose's statues will help draw souls to the love of Mary. I also recalled "a sign" that our Merciful Mother gave me in Medjugorje, October 2017, while Fr. Well, for the last 15 months i have prayed them both daily with you on Mary TV and miracles began to happen in my life and the life of my family. In retrospect I suppose I was very naive in that I was half expecting God to give me a call, if not in a clap of thunder, the least he could afford me was a gentle whisper. Some families had to tend their crops and had stayed home from the church. You can also make out a check or money order to MARY TV and mail to: Mary TVP.O. The men took up their Rosary beads, went out to kneel in the street and began to Pray the Holy Rosary. I am praying for your Family and special intentions. Thanks to Our Blessed Mother both she and her husband returned home unscathed. I want to thank Our Blessed Mother and Our Lord, Jesus. One day I stated that I did not need a miracle, but quietly asked Our Lady and Jesus to consider the healing petitions of others with me. The family rosary was an integral part of the evening ritual immediately after tea. I stabbing pains in hands and feet We married on 11.11.11 and have 3 little girls..Ailbhe (pronounced Alva) 4 and half, 15 months ago my marriage had been shattered and today my marriage is being healed. Podbrdo (Apparition Hill) in Medjugorje. Now Medjugorje can come into your home on your TV! I recently submitted another prayer request for my friend to be able to continue driving as she has failing eyesight, and had conflicting advice. Our Lady of Medjugorje – Radio WAVE Informative radio programs in English on 2nd and 25th days of the month messages of Our Lady of Medjugorje. Maybe let me begin by explaining how I ended up going to Merdjugjore. I could not let this new year start without persevering to express my love and thanks to Our Blessed Mother and Mary TV for blessing my life so profoundly. We can now accept donations in stocks and bonds. He eyes were so gentle and compassionate and his gaze so tender. All praise and honour to our God. Within a few days of submitting that prayer request, he had an interview and was granted a good job. On my first trip to Medjugorje in 1989 I saw the bottom part of Kriezevac disappear and I saw the Blessed Mother's three clouds appear for a few seconds!! During those times, I always found something here that helped me to pick myself back up and carry on. Fr Murphy was there for the annual ‘Intercession for Priests’. I believe that this was our Blessed Lord’s thank you to a child who knew by instinct and purity of heart that even a depiction of Our Lord Jesus made from inexpensive metal is worthy of respect and reverence. Son of God Eternal Son thank You for all the things You have Done unto this moment as I write At Medjugorje, I, Hello, I was a Baptist pastor for twenty-seven years. All my friends and prayer groups i've been part of stem from Međjugorje. She is guiding us through her messages in Medjugorje safely through these difficult times. Jozo had waved his Rosary beads 3 times hard at the people from the ambo during his morning Homily, saying with emphasis, "ONLY THE ROSARY! It is not a miracle, but it is beautiful! I saw this event on the internet! I thought of resigning and even the Dr recommended it. One week later he found another job. My starting salary five years earlier had been $5,000 a year.”. I immediately counted through the saints until I reached that number. I have two children, girls and their birthdates are the 2nd and the 25th. Our Lady hears and answers in her own time... Keep up the daily rosary and never give up asking for Our Lady's help . Thanks, Mary TV, for this opportunity of Family communion! Suddenly, pain was running wild in my entire body. I also had. Our friends Susie and John decided to form a prayer group in response to this message. Discovering MaryTV is an answer to prayer. Many blessed medals were taken today as well as Divine Mercy prayer cards and Divine Mercy 8” by 10 “ pictures of the Divine Mercy Jesus as well as Divine Mercy rosaries. In January of 2016 my. Congratulations, Cathy, Denis & Family, I am just looking at your beautiful baby girl! “The LORD’s right hand works valiantly; [PS 118:15]. I visited this sacred and beautiful land in September this year and was blown away by the peace love and feeling of our blessed mother medjugorje will always be in my heart and i look forward to returning in 2018 God bless all of you, On my first trip to Medjugorje in 1989 I saw the bottom part of Kriezevac disappear and I saw the Blessed Mother's three clouds appear for a few seconds!! Everyone was very respectful of not interrupting any other groups. May God continue to richly bless you! We were married on March 3rd 2012. How easy it is to take faith and the presence of Our Lady for granted at times. I had no podium to hide behind. I am another person, both spiritually and personally. Our group prayed many rosaries and masses for her from Thursday until Tuesday when we received notice that the cancer was no longer there and she was cancer free. Cliccare il link sottostante per andare alla Diretta Streaming delle Celebrazioni di Medjugorje. I am casting down my sorrows for joy every morning I wake up to the sound of joyful hearts on MaryTV. I am so thankful for her coming! While we were looking for the hotel to sleep, we asked information to a lady we met on the street, I was struck by her beautiful eyes, with a brightness that transmitted emotions. I asked for prayers to Our Blessed Lady that my friend Simone's eyesight would be healed. The labor had stalled, and they were beginning to consider C-section. I ask everyone to pray in a special way for the population of this huge country to know God and put Him FIRST PLACE in their LIVES! Not only have I received graces but our marriage has really been blessed. Our blessed Mother introduces us to her son and prepares us and moulds us. Today, when I went to pray for each prayer request, I could see how families are being attacked, the countless attempts to destroy the human being and the families, financially, by separation, addictions, drugs, all evil fighting against the Family, so much suffering! Denis has a template of Marytv business cards I had some printed in England and am doing my best to distribute these wherever possible in England and Europe and would encourage whoever else out there to do this to spread the Beautiful light of Medjugorje to the world like Archbishop Hoser asked us to do. There was a planet in the sky, and I saw a bright white cross where the planet is. Thank you!!!!!! They were all members of the Cursillo movement. I would appreciate your prayers for him and my grandma (Mary) as they navigate the situation. Therefore, dear children, pray so that in prayer you may be able to comprehend what God's plan is in your regard. We will adjust our streaming to include the Worldwide Rosary with Pope Francis at 5:30 Rome time! Mary Immaculate, Queen of the Universe triumph and reign. As I looked around the coffee dock I noticed two men sitting at a table in the opposite corner of the room. i decided to photograph the sun and thats when i captured these images. So thank you Mary TV, it means a lot to me to be able to tune in and stay connected with Medjugorje and yourselves and everyone. we are blessed to know we have her intersession, before God. It is a wonder and I thank God for having led me to you, Mary TV, in this vast digital sea! Come in and use our phones to call ypur parents who are worried about you, and tell them no one will hurt you in Medjugorje! They ask me to put on Cathy and Denis if you're not on and we absolutely loveee the daily rosary and fruit of Međjugorje shows. Go somewhere and deal with it,” something to that effect! Kathy and Dennis graciously sent our family a cloth and The prayer was a simple & beautiful prayer...to pray for love to conquer in the hearts of everyone in the world for Jesus, but i also got the gift of certainty that i was to marry the beautiful Paddy who I had met in Međj 5 months earlier. He is now ready to meet the Lord with the soul of a baby. My husband and I can at times although we have a silent miracle and witness together in our home quietly or sometimes noise does happen. Also, on January 22, 2018, our president proclaimed that day as National Sanctity of Human Life Day. I suppose when I look back on my teenage years I always had an interest in the religious life. What was it like - two streaks of cloud criss-crossed like a cross?" I want a good of the soul to the Madonna and every week I put away the savings I earned with good grades at school, to be able to bring a rose or a bouquet of flowers to the statue of the Madonna and pray before it. As a fellow prayer warrior, I can testify to the daily miracles that are taking place in my life and around the world. That’s true! MY VOCATION STORY This prayer is being answered through Our Lady’s presence in Medjugorje and through Her messages. I will be on my knees again tomorrow when this live broadcast occurs again. (I thank Madonna of Medjugorje today and always because she saved me from a malignant tumor and my son from a heart disease that would have led to sudden death. I love you Mother! Latest “apparition”  December 19th, 2020 “My children, the world is godless, everything is godless. After many years of getting to know my Blessed Mother, she beckoned me to come closer to her. It was impossible for me, then, to grow up without a strong sense of Christ being at work in the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations as well as the joys and, successes in my life. Our friends Susie and John decided to form a prayer group in response to this message. When I came back home, I never felt this kind of longing feeling in my heart to be with Mary again! And also we like to watch the Fruit of Medjugorje a lot. Jesus told me "you're not alone, I'm with you." I love you amen, One of my requests to Our Lady was to pray for a friend in NSW who had to flee her home with her husband because of catastrophic fires. Thats when as I was saying it to myself and thinking whats so great about this prayer? The village was built up, but it seemed it was able to handle more pilgrims and I had the sense there was to be a new wave of Marian graces. Also another big extra fruit to have come from this is that I'm now starting to raise awareness of people’s plight in Yemen and Syria, all of whom are suffering in war and many of whom don’t have food, clean water and medicine. During this week, I was focused on listening to God. I asked the Blessed Virgin Mary:s intervention, when my sister was diagnosed with three separate cancers and told she had 12 month to live. Just two days ago i sat in a courtroom with my son Rosary in hand and witnessed a judge speak of my son with such mercy and compassion that still two days later i am still trying to comprehend it and take it all in. And that made me feel even stronger, because peace won. You don’t need to hurry, make haste, but to be patient.”. Hours before the Easter Vigil took one last look and they were downstairs right in front of me. She was suppose to have chemo but the results came back with the good news that this treatment is not needed - praise God! The first day on Mount Podbodro I received the first gift of many, I fell at her feet, my heart ran out with my tears, around me were very few people, it is as if I had gone up to a solo meeting with her, I remember being hot and Without knowing, I raised my eyes to the wooden Cross and it was as if she told me: there is my Son, go with Him, I did so, I hugged Him from that blessed Cross, from his feet, without wanting to let go I cried so hard, maybe it was very heavy what I was carrying on my shoulders. Thank you Blessed Mother and thank you Denis and Cathy. Telling this story a year or so ago to one of Michael’s pilgrimage groups in Medjugorje, Steve Dlugosz got out of his chair and with emotion exclaimed: “That’s true! In 1994 a group of people from Belfast were undertaking a peace walk from Armagh to Knock in Co Mayo over a period of five days. ", The soldiers radioed back for Instructions - What to do? Christian tells me now almost daily "Well Dad, I'm a Catholic now and God has forgiven me." It depended on events and people that always put my focus back on the priesthood. Yikes! As i began to watch Mary TV on a daily basis either on my computer or now on the Mary TV App i slowly began a now 15 month journey wich i believe may have literally saved my life. I thought I understood what that meant, but in the early hours of this morning, I realized that statement in a. I was in Medjugorje for the first time in May 2018. We will keep on sailing until we reach the shore of Heaven. She is equipping us to bring Jesus to all those around us, in the same way that Jesus helped me in the classroom. I am one of those who are listening to and getting strength from Mary TV! She sat on the wall next to the house and saw the Miracle of the Sun. Thanks God. My husband, daughter and myself were in Medjugorje during Holy week, and Mary has been drawing us closer to her son. I ask everyone. My daughter accepted and began her new career at the University in October of last year. These were indeed moments of grace when Christ was truly present in a very tangible and heartfelt way. Daily Rosary (Live Daily)4:00 PM Medj / 5:00 PM Summer Sunday*, A Moment with MaryNew Episode each week day, Fruit of Medjugorje:New Episode every Monday, Tea with Rosie (News)New Episode each week, Parish Evening Rosary (Live Daily)5:00 PM Medj Winter / 6:00 PM Summer*, International Mass (Live Daily)6:00 PM Medj Time / 7:00 PM Summer*, Parish Apparition Hill Rosary  (Live Sunday)2:00 PM Medj / 4:00 PM Summer*. Jozo had waved his Rosary beads 3 times hard at the people from the ambo during his morning Homily, saying with, Fr. So often I am finding myself these days so overtaken by the happenings in my life on a daily basis that I just do not have the time to spend with Our Lady as I know I should, because of this A Moment With Mary is a Godsend for me. Kate. When we see the physical changes that will happen in the world, we will understand why she came every day.”, Here Are Signs of God – Inspired by Medjugorje. Our Lord and Our Lady have blessed them with the right people to help them carry the mission forward. I believe in that. Through your steadfast courage and strength of commitment to bring MaryTV to the world, Our Lady of Medjugorje is responding by bringing an. I felt that our Blessed Mother had gently nudged me and it was me who needed to learn from the School of Medugorje not Cameron. I am so grateful for Our Lady's gift of MaryTV to the world. We had the most amazing experience when we got home David know how to say the rosary by him self, i just wanted to share this with you, we will be coming again, Thank you Holy Mother its amazing. I considered myself a woman of FAITH, but upon entering this wonderful place I discovered the greatness and tenderness of the Virgin Mary that took my hand and told me trust in Jesus, trust in God through Mary. Tuesday 20th March 2018…Today’s Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint John 8:21-30. I pick up my left foot and under it was a triangular stone (9 cms long x 7 cms large x 5 cms high) with a beautiful engraving of Virgin Mary with Jesus in her arms and a small heart on the chest of Jesus. I first went to Medjugorje in 1987 and I am still going to this day. Over the next 27 yrs. The sun began to spin and pulsate with many colors. Patrick your sharing was just incredible. When I came back home, I never felt this kind of longing feeling in my heart to be with Mary again! Praise to Jesus. She woke up this morning after her stomach in knots all week and felt. Jesus and Mary have been the center of her life and the shelter for us, her children. The leader of the Russian Orthodox Church on the coming of the Antichrist: “The Antichrist is a personality that will be at the head of the world wide web controlling the entire human race. I was surrounded heavy stones and some small trees. Leon was blessing objects and salt. I submitted a prayer request on 8/13/19 for the Lord to help heal my 100% blocked carotid artery. There in front of the Cross, I received a locution, a sweet voice talked to me:"Pick me up!". She has a drinking problem too. Japan. Presenta 1222 articoli relativi a: Medjugorje ; Data dell'ultima notizia: Venerdì, 25 Dicembre 2020 ; Titolo dell'ultima news: Madonna di Medjugorje, messaggio 25 dicembre 2020/ Il Natale nel ‘Sì’ di Maria ; Hi I came across Marytv by "God incidence" some 5 years ago and I am so Grateful to Denis and Cathy Tom Matt Rosie and amazing Beautiful team. During the last few years of my ministry, I travelled to Medjugorje on pilgrimage with Catholic friends a number of times. We had no children. Dear Blessed Mother, thank you for your intercession on behalf of my son for employment. We enjoyed each other's company. I have witnessed many. May Our Lord and Our Lady bless you and your family in this life and in the next. "THERE IS ONLY ONE WEAPON I WANT TO SEE IN YOUR HANDS: ONLY THE ROSARY ONLY THE ROSARY!!" My mother was the only one interested in this pilgrimage, given that my parents and I always go to Mass, but I never wanted to practice religion, or even go to mass. Thank you ! Although it is early to know what she will be doing, I feel very grateful to my heavenly Mother to whom I pray every day for her intercession and to watch over all the family as it was not something that I saw possible so soon. Thank you, Dear Mother Mary: Yet we also had joyful times of laughing and feasting in our pensions and on excursions and became so close to each other as pilgrims not only in prayer but in dining out or other excursions. We are a Family, God´s Family, so let´s pray everyday for each other, to be in the Communion of Saints. One beautiful thing for me was to see my teenage daughter soaking in the graces of Medjugorje. “Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world!”Pope St. John Paul II, Why He Is A Saint, the Life and Faith of Pope John Paul ll and the Case for Canonization, p. 168, by Msgr. This website is such a blessing for so many of us. Yesterday I was praying rosary with medjugorje rosary for husband new job contract . Thanks too to Denis and Cathy for the prayer verse: “O Jesus, I surrender myself to you; Take care of everything” which I heard first time on your channel few days ago. Our Shepherds, the angelic choir, wonderful orchestra, the huge crowd of faithful and the incredible work of the MaryTV crew made this the most memorable festival. She perked up durring my visit, started eating. We decided to pray a Rosary Novena to Our Lady asking for her intervention. If everyone who asks for prayer could go to prayer requests everyday and pray for herself/himself and the others in the same page, there would be about 20 people praying everyday for each other, PRAYING TOGETHER, like a FAMILY. Directly after my pilgrimage to Medjugorje and some other places 2016 I was able to move away from the most painfull place in my life where I had been living then to a beautiful place - but only for a short period of time. Last 2 years ago,I prayed to Mama Mary's intercession for the healing of my friend Reynaldo.He is now healthy & cured of his kidney ailments.Thank you my dear mother. Recently i went to visit her for two weeks as my cousin was very concerened that she may be dying. But I wanted to really read into it to see why it was her favorite prayer. We also must keep praying for conversion, because even God can not interfere in men decisions. I'm looking forward to Medjugorje. I also struggle to live, because it takes massive amounts of energy for me to rise above all these things daily. She is not someone. Dear Cathy and Denis, Without your daily Rosary I would not have made it this far. AS SOON AS DENNIS STARTED TALKING, THINGS QUIETED - AND WHEN HE TALKED ABOUT MOTHER MARY CRUSHING THE HEAD OF SATAN, IT IS SO SILENT, YOU WOULD THINK THAT PLACE IS EMPTY! Photographs of the 2018 Holy Christmas in Medjugorje that warm the heart! Love, pray and witness my presence to all those who are far away. I knew it was the Lord. I can not express to you. I want to say to people who ask for prayers that a lot of times we pray, we click on "I prayed for you" but the number of prayers does not increase! Hi Cathy & Denis: It's been almost two years since I started praying for a special intention and my prayers have been answered. At times, I was thinking of committing suicide. But Mr. Cassidy insisted it was the true. He was on the pilgrimage because a women from our group went to his Moms wake. I can only hint at what the future holds, but I do see indications that the events are already in motion…”. I am most thankful for this community. These days I felt so sad because here no priest spoke about Divine Mercy and the celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday; moreover few people know about Medjugorje, there is an attempt to ignore these two present events, so important for the Christian life, for humanity and eternal life. Do not follow our Lady day after day with constancy and prudence. I am so grateful. I can’t thank Mike Nolan enough for the pilgrimage of a life time. This. Then, few days later, she invited me into her home when I was dropping something off. Staying at Domas Damar near the Risen Christ. Now, it is not a question for me of is God present in my life but rather where is God leading me in this or that situation. This is the first year that our parish has done this. I have just released another book, "Lourdes 2019" which describes the events at Lourdes and the life of Bernadette, set in the context of world history. Bind my Ears and Cover them that I hear No Evil.. Bind my Eyes and Cover them That I see No Evil. I could sense that Jesus loves life and the growth of souls. About one week ago I asked for prayers. To my surprise that Monday morning a letter came into the pharmacy announcing that abortion pills would be have to be dispensed by pharmacists in Ireland to supply doctors who would then give them to patients. Many the many people that prayed that weekend, starting with Holy Thursday. It was said every day without fail, complete with all the trimmings and with the image of ‘The Sacred Heart’ watching over proceedings, red lamp aglow from its prominent position over the open fireplace.