Eden himself was sympathetic; "Exclusion from the Succession would not entail any other change in Princess Margaret's position as a member of the Royal Family", he wrote. The Canadian government stated that altering the line twice in 25 years would harm the monarchy. Ad ucciderla è stato un ictus, il terzo nel giro di pochi anni. [5] Il ministro degli interni John Robert Clynes era presente per verificare il parto. [71][75] On 31 October Margaret issued a statement:[89]. Nel pomeriggio dell'8 febbraio 2002 un ennesimo ictus fece precipitare il suo quadro clinico: alle 2:30 dell’indomani la principessa fu ricoverata al King Edward VII's Hospital di Londra[78], dove si spense circa quattro ore dopo. Encontre as fotografias de stock e imagens de notícias editoriais de Principessa Margaret Contessa Di Snowdon perfeitas com a Getty Images. [71], Gli ultimi anni di vita della principessa furono segnati da malattie e disabilità, complice la sua attitudine di bevitrice e fumatrice accanita dall'età di 15 anni. [25][26], At the outbreak of World War II, Margaret and her sister were at Birkhall, on the Balmoral Castle estate, where they stayed until Christmas 1939, enduring nights so cold that drinking water in carafes by their bedside froze. Three hundred journalists waited outside Balmoral, four times as many as those later following Diana, Princess of Wales. [23] The family moved into Buckingham Palace; Margaret's room overlooked The Mall. As during the abdication crisis, the Church of England refused to countenance the remarriage of the divorced. Eden recommended that, like Edward VIII and Wallis, Margaret and Townsend leave Britain[54][64] for several years. en. [46] "COME ON MARGARET! Her father was the Duke of York, the second son of King George V and Queen Mary. [147] Margaret, Anderson and Byrne all issued immediate denials,[146] but the damage was already done. [97], Margaret married Armstrong-Jones at Westminster Abbey on 6 May 1960. Although the princess and Townsend knew about his new job, they had reportedly been promised a few days together before his departure. [160] Margaret's last public appearances were at the 101st birthday celebrations of her mother in August 2001 and the 100th birthday celebration of her aunt, Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, that December. [9], At the time of her birth, she was fourth in the line of succession to the British throne. Adempiendo ai suoi desideri, la cerimonia fu tenuta in forma privata per la famiglia e gli amici più intimi. [54][46] The written statement, signed "Margaret", was the first official confirmation of the relationship. [82] Randolph Churchill believed that rumours "that Fisher had intervened to prevent the Princess from marrying Townsend has done incalculable harm to the Church of England";[74] a Gallup poll found that 28% agreed, and 59% disagreed, with the Church's refusal to remarry a divorced person while the other spouse was alive. After reporters saw her plucking fluff from his coat during the coronation on 2 June 1953—"I never thought a thing about it, and neither did Margaret", Townsend later said; "After that the storm broke"[49][66]—The People first mentioned the relationship in Britain[70] on 14 June. [82], Townsend recalled that "We had reached the end of the road, our feelings for one another were unchanged, but they had incurred for us a burden so great that we decided together to lay it down". [73] Nel 1991 smise di fumare, ma continuò a bere pesantemente. La sorella, tuttavia, non nascondeva questo e commentò: "Oh, è molto più facile quando c'è Margaret, ognuno ride di quello che dice Margaret". [28] Viscount Hailsham wrote to Prime Minister Winston Churchill to advise the evacuation of the princesses to the greater safety of Canada,[29] to which their mother famously replied, "The children won't go without me. [132] It was the first of several visits. Join Facebook to connect with Margaret Snowdon and others you may know. All'inizio dell'anno successivo subì gravi ustioni ai piedi per un incidente in bagno: ciò la rese stabilmente claudicante, obbligandola quindi a usare un supporto per camminare, oppure una sedia a rotelle. He recalled a conversation with Margaret in which, discussing her public notoriety, she said: "It was inevitable, when there are two sisters and one is the Queen, who must be the source of honour and all that is good, while the other must be the focus of the most creative malice, the evil sister". But mindful of the Church's teachings that Christian marriage is indissoluble, and conscious of my duty to the Commonwealth, I have resolved to put these considerations before others. 7–8; Warwick, pp. Her house on Mustique, designed by her husband's uncle Oliver Messel, a stage designer, was her favourite holiday destination. Download premium images you can't get anywhere else. [187][188] In April 2007, an exhibition titled Princess Line – The Fashion Legacy of Princess Margaret opened at Kensington Palace, showcasing contemporary fashion from British designers such as Vivienne Westwood inspired by Princess Margaret's legacy of style. [129] Il ricavato della vendita dei suoi effetti personali fu pari a 13 658 000 sterline. [50][54], The couple was not restricted on communicating by mail and telephone. Stating that people were more interested in the couple than the recent 1955 United Kingdom general election, on 29 May the Daily Express published an editorial demanding that Buckingham Palace confirm or deny the rumors. issues of the, Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon, David Armstrong-Jones, 2nd Earl of Snowdon, 1953 Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Conference, Royal Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps, Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, List of honours of the British Royal Family by country, Claude Bowes-Lyon, 13th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, Claude Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, "A tale of two sisters' enduring affection", "Ma'am darling:The princess driven by loyalty and duty", "Yvonne's Royalty Home Page: Royal Christenings", "Captain Scott and J M Barrie: an unlikely friendship", "Princess Margaret: PBS takes a look at the original 'Rebel Princess, Auction of the Property of HRH Princess Margaret, "Princess' Top Squire Is Gay Playboy Who Flaunts Protocol", "Princess Meg To Marry Commoner Named Jones", "Princess Margaret and future PM John Turner may have 'nearly married', letters reveal", "Chapter 4: Conviction and Compromise: Growing Through Private and Public Criticism", "A New Theory About Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend's Relationship Has Emerged", "Did the Queen stop Princess Margaret marrying Peter Townsend? [22] Trascorsero il Natale a Sandringham House prima di trasferirsi al castello di Windsor, appena fuori Londra, per gran parte del resto della guerra. [65] The Queen was advised by her private secretary, Sir Alan Lascelles, to post Townsend abroad, but she refused and instead transferred him from the Queen Mother's household to her own,[73] although Townsend did not accompany Margaret as planned on a tour of Southern Rhodesia. After all I and my sisters only had governesses and we all married well—one of us very well". [65] Come regalo di nozze Colin Tennant le concesse un appezzamento di terreno sulla sua isola caraibica privata, Mustique. [172] Their letters, however, provide no indication of friction between them. [50] Lascelles—who compared Townsend to Theudas "boasting himself to be somebody"—hoped that separating him and Margaret would end their romance. [152] She had smoked cigarettes since the age of 15 or earlier, and had continued to smoke heavily for many years. [149], In 1981, Llewellyn married Tatiana Soskin, whom he had known for 10 years. [193], "Princess Margaret" redirects here. [156] Early the following year the Princess suffered severe scalds to her feet in a bathroom accident, which affected her mobility in that she required support when walking and sometimes used a wheelchair. 119–121; Warwick, pp. [116] Il giorno seguente, il rivale di Anderson, Irv Kupcinet pubblicò una dichiarazione secondo la quale Margaret aveva definito gli irlandesi come "maiali". [68], After resigning from the RAF and traveling around the world for 18 months Townsend returned in March 1958; he and Margaret met several times, but could not avoid the press ("TOGETHER AGAIN") or royal disapproval. [119] Margaret e Llewellyn rimasero comunque amici stretti. Fin da bambina Margaret mostrò un temperamento opposto a quello della sorella Elisabetta. [154] In 1991, she gave up smoking, though she continued to drink heavily. Margaret fu molto addolorata dalla morte di suo padre e le vennero prescritti dei sedativi per aiutarla a dormire. Townsend was not the love of her life – the love of her life was her father, King George VI, whom she adored". [118], Reportedly, Margaret had her first extramarital affair in 1966, with her daughter's godfather Anthony Barton, a Bordeaux wine producer. Per me la sorella, la principessa Margaret… [50][46] According to a 1958 biography of Townsend by Norman Barrymaine and other accounts, Eden said that his government would oppose in Parliament Margaret retaining her royal status. [50] Townsend received a bodyguard and police guard around his apartment after the Belgian government received threats on his life,[54] but the British government still said nothing. 104–119; Warwick, pp. [108] As colonies of the British Commonwealth of Nations sought nationhood, Princess Margaret represented the Crown at independence ceremonies in Jamaica in 1962[109] and Tuvalu and Dominica in 1978. [62], After the king's death, Townsend was appointed Comptroller of Margaret's mother's restructured household. Edward's abdication made a reluctant Duke of York the new King George VI, and Margaret became second in line to the throne, with the title The Princess Margaret to indicate her status as a child of the sovereign. Eden would have told Parliament that it was "out of harmony with modern conditions"; Kilmuir estimated that 75% of Britons would approve of allowing the marriage. Il 31 dello stesso mese Margaret rilasciò una dichiarazione: «Vorrei che si sappia che ho deciso di non sposare il capitano Peter Townsend. Alcuni parlamentari laburisti la definirono "una parassita reale"[111] e una "floosie". Overview. Secondo le parole di Randolph Churchill "la duchessa non mira a portare le sue figlie a essere più di signorine ben educate". "[175], Margaret's acquaintance Gore Vidal, the American writer, wrote: "She was far too intelligent for her station in life". [93] Armstrong-Jones proposed to Margaret with a ruby engagement ring surrounded by diamonds in the shape of a rosebud. [114], Nell'agosto del 1979, Louis Mountbatten, I conte Mountbatten di Birmania, e alcuni membri della sua famiglia furono uccisi da una bomba piazzata dal Provisional Irish Republican Army. Find high-quality Principessa Margaret Contessa Di Snowdon stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. The attaché secretly traveled to Britain; while the palace was aware of one visit, he reportedly made other trips for nights and weekends with the princess at Clarence House—her apartment had its own front door—and friends' homes. The press discussed "the world's most eligible bachelor-girl"[48] and her alleged romances with more than 30 bachelors,[49][50] including the Hon. [136], In February 1976, a picture of Margaret and Llewellyn in swimsuits on Mustique was published on the front page of a tabloid, the News of the World. The press portrayed Margaret as a predatory older woman and Llewellyn as her toyboy lover. Parliament might pass resolutions opposing the marriage, which the people would see as a disagreement between government and monarchy; Lord Salisbury, a High Anglican, might resign from the government rather than help pass a Bill of Renunciation. While the government could not prevent the marriage when Margaret become a private individual after a Bill of Renunciation, she would no longer be a Counsellor of State and would lose her civil list allowance; otherwise, taxpayers would subsidize a divorced man and the princess's new stepsons. She served as President of Girlguiding UK from 1965 until her death in 2002. Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, CI, GCVO, CD (Margaret Rose; 21 August 1930 – 9 February 2002) was the younger daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and the only sibling of Queen Elizabeth II.. Margaret spent much of her childhood with her parents and sister. [61] Nonostante l'entusiasmo del pubblico, la maggior parte delle famiglie reali straniere dell'Europa disapprovavano che la figlia di un re sposasse un fotografo. Her life changed dramatically at the age of six, when her paternal uncle, King Edward VIII, abdicated to marry divorcée Wallis Simpson. Christopher Bailey's Spring 2006 collection for Burberry was inspired by Margaret's look from the 1960s. [8] The Home Secretary, J. R. Clynes, was present to verify the birth. The couple had a son, David, and a daughter, Sarah, before divorcing in 1978. [182] In June 2006, much of Margaret's estate was auctioned by Christie's to meet the tax and, in her son's words, "normal family requirements such as educating her grandchildren",[183] though some of the items were sold in aid of charities such as the Stroke Association. She did not object to being removed from the line of succession to the throne as the Queen and all her children dying was unlikely, but receiving parliamentary approval for the marriage would be difficult and uncertain. In contemporanea vi era una mostra di moda di stilisti inglesi contemporanei, come Vivienne Westwood, ispirati all'eredità di stile della principessa Margaret. [48] In January 1955 she made the first of many trips to the Caribbean, perhaps to distract, and as a reward for being apart, from Townsend. [11], Margaret was baptised in the private chapel of Buckingham Palace on 30 October 1930 by Cosmo Lang, the Archbishop of Canterbury. Definitions of Margaret, contessa di Snowdon, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Margaret, contessa di Snowdon, analogical dictionary of Margaret, contessa di Snowdon (Italian) [76][74], Prince Philip was reportedly the most opposed to Townsend in the royal family, while Margaret's mother and sister wanted her to be happy but could not approve of the marriage. PRINCIPESSA MARGARET, CONTESSA DI SNOWDON Appresa la notizia della scomparsa di Sua Altezza Reale la Principessa Margaret, Contessa di Snowdon, (Gran Bretagna) avvenuta questa mattina, il Santo Padre Giovanni Paolo II ha inviato alla sorella, la Regina Elisabetta [36] On 1 February 1947, she, Elizabeth and their parents embarked on a state tour of Southern Africa. "[30], Unlike other members of the royal family, Margaret was not expected to undertake any public or official duties during the war. [161], Princess Margaret died in the King Edward VII's Hospital, London, at 06:30 (GMT) on 9 February 2002 at age 71, one day after having suffered another stroke that resulted in cardiac problems[162][152][121] and three days after the 50th anniversary of her father's death. @HeiNER - the Heidelberg Named Entity Resource Traduzioni ipotizzate. [91] Nel corso di una visita ufficiale a Copenaghen, in Danimarca, nel 1964, fu presumibilmente spiata dal KGB. [95] Un anno dopo ebbe una relazione di un mese con Robin Douglas-Home, nipote dell'ex primo ministro britannico Alec Douglas-Home. Margaret accettò e informò la sorella, la regina, del suo desiderio di sposarsi. [46] An influential 26 October editorial in The Times stating that "The QUEEN's sister married to a divorced man (even though the innocent party) would be irrevocably disqualified from playing her part in the essential royal function" represented The Establishment's view of what it considered a possibly dangerous crisis. Per l'occasione le furono dedicati componimenti calypso. Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, CI, GCVO, CD (Margaret Rose; 21 August 1930 – 9 February 2002) was the younger daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and the only sibling of Queen Elizabeth II. Margaret accepted and informed her sister, the Queen, whose consent was required by the Royal Marriages Act 1772. Perhaps unwittingly, Margaret paved the way for public acceptance of royal divorce. [63] Il Duca di Edimburgo accompagnò la cognata all'altare e testimone dello sposo fu il dottor Roger Gilliatt. Crawford, pp. Margar… [173], Margaret could also be charming and informal. [59] L'annuncio del fidanzamento di Margaret, avvenuto il 26 febbraio 1960, colse la stampa di sorpresa. La principessa disse loro che la famiglia reale era stata colpita dalle molte lettere di condoglianze arrivate dall'Irlanda. [122] Si diceva addirittura che guardasse dall'alto in basso la nonna, Mary di Teck, poiché nata con l'appellativo di "Altezza Serenissima", mentre Margaret era nata principessa con l'appellativo di "Altezza Reale". [126], Lo scrittore americano Gore Vidal, conoscente di Margaret, scrisse che "Era troppo intelligente per la sua posizione nella vita". [24], Margaret was a Brownie in the 1st Buckingham Palace Brownie Pack, formed in 1937. Margaret was grief-stricken by her father's death and was prescribed sedatives to help her sleep. She experienced a mild stroke on 23 February 1998 at her holiday home in Mustique. Gli uomini di Chiesa affermarono però che Margaret avrebbe potuto ricevere la comunione anche se sposata con un uomo divorziato.[52]. [42] Del genitore scrisse: "Era una persona meravigliosa, il cuore e il centro della nostra famiglia felice". La festa per il suo 21º compleanno si tenne al castello di Balmoral nell'agosto del 1951. Il resto del viaggio fu costellato da dimostrazioni e la sicurezza di Margaret venne raddoppiata a fronte delle minacce fisiche ricevute. "If a marriage is on, they ask, why not announce it quickly? [49], In January 1993, she was admitted to hospital for pneumonia. [62], La principessa indossava un abito da sposa disegnato da Norman Hartnell e il diadema Poltimore. [50] The Church of England Newspaper said that Margaret "is a dutiful churchwoman who knows what strong views leaders of the church hold in this matter",[57] but the Sunday Express—which had supported Edward and Wallis—asked, "IF THEY WANT TO MARRY, WHY SHOULDN'T THEY?". [49] The Associated Press said that Margaret's statement was almost "a rededication of her life to the duties of royalty, making unlikely any marriage for her in the near future";[87] the princess may have expected to never marry after the long relationship ended, because most of her eligible male friends were no longer bachelors. [124], Margaret era informale. La principessa aveva infatti avuto cura di nascondere la sua storia d'amore ai giornalisti. In seguito, sia Elisabetta sia Margaret si unirono alla folla fuori dal palazzo, in incognito, cantando, "vogliamo il Re, vogliamo la Regina! La coppia ebbe due figli, entrambi nati con parto cesareo su richiesta di Margaret:[68] David, nato il 3 novembre 1961, e Lady Sarah, nata il 1º maggio 1964. Elizabeth, however, did not mind this, and commented, "Oh, it's so much easier when Margaret's there—everybody laughs at what Margaret says". [46] Nel 1953 divorziò dalla prima moglie e propose il matrimonio a Margaret. La sorella e la sua famiglia si trasferirono invece da Clarence House a Buckingham Palace.[45]. [14] Margaret era risentita per la sua educazione limitata, soprattutto negli anni successivi, e criticò sua madre. [30] Margaret aveva otto giovani damigelle, guidate da sua nipote, la principessa Anna. She refused when Oliver Dawnay, the Queen Mother's private secretary, asked to remove the word "devotion". Labour MPs denounced her as "a royal parasite"[140] and a "floosie". [165] The funeral was held on 15 February 2002, the 50th anniversary of her father's funeral. [174] Former governess Marion Crawford wrote in her memoir: "Impulsive and bright remarks she made became headlines and, taken out of their context, began to produce in the public eye an oddly distorted personality that bore little resemblance to the Margaret we knew. Her tour aboard Britannia to the British colonies in the Caribbean in 1955 created a sensation throughout the West Indies, and calypsos were dedicated to her. [49], Margaret met the photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones at a supper party in 1958. mostra. She was also a Girl Guide and later a Sea Ranger. [118], Nel 1981 Roddy Llewellyn sposò Tatiana Soskin che conosceva da dieci anni. In 1952, her father died, her sister became queen, and Townsend divorced his wife, Rosemary. [54] "We both had a feeling of unimaginable relief. Mostra le traduzioni generate algoritmicamente. The registration of her birth was delayed for several days to avoid her being numbered 13 in the parish register. In 1974, she invited him as a guest to Les Jolies Eaux, the holiday home she had built on Mustique. [54]», Altri presunti pretendenti della principessa furono l'On. [163][164], Margaret's coffin, draped in her personal standard, was taken from Kensington Palace to St James's Palace before her funeral. [50] With the widowed Queen Mother, Margaret moved out of Buckingham Palace and into Clarence House, while her sister, now Queen, and her family moved out of Clarence House and into Buckingham Palace. [38] Il numero dei suoi impegni ufficiali aumentò arrivando a comprendere una visita in Italia, Svizzera e Francia e l'adesione a un numero crescente di organizzazioni di beneficenza come presidente o patrona.[39]. [117] La principessa, Anderson e Jane Byrne smentirono immediatamente Kupcinet[116] ma il danno era già fatto. [54] Margaret was told by clerics that she would be unable to receive communion if she married a divorced man. [54], For two years, press speculation continued. During the Second World War, the two sisters stayed at Windsor Castle despite suggestions to evacuate them to Canada. Meno di un anno dopo, l'11 dicembre 1936 il sovrano abdicò per sposare Wallis Simpson, un'americana divorziata due volte che né la Chiesa d'Inghilterra né i governi dei Dominion avrebbero accettato come regina. Margaret spent much of her childhood with her parents and sister. [49] Churchill informò la regina che i primi ministri dei Dominion erano unanimemente contrari al matrimonio e che il Parlamento non avrebbe approvato un'unione che non fosse riconosciuta dalla Chiesa d'Inghilterra a meno che Margaret non rinunciasse ai suoi diritti al trono. [78] Churchill arranged for Townsend's assignment as air attaché at the British Embassy in Brussels; he was sent on 15 July 1953, before Margaret's return from Rhodesia on 30 July.